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We are a small registered charity working to support, educate, and bring change. There are resources on here to help, and it will benefit you to take a different route through the site depending on the support you need. There are routes to learn about :

  • autistic girls 
  • gender diversity among autistic people

and routes to follow if you’re

  • an autistic woman
  • a parent
  • friends and family
  • teachers and 
  • other professionals or 
  • employers.

To follow those routes, simply click the relevant title on the menu.

Channel 4 News special report

One of our face to face groups was recently featured on a Channel 4 News special report on autism waiting times – please watch it to understand why our groups are so important and why we need to open more of them.

4 times as many boys are diagnosed autistic as girls. This is not an accurate picture.

Frequently, for many reasons, girls are diagnosed later (on average up to 6 years later), missed or misdiagnosed, causing long term mental health problems with too many girls feeling too anxious to attend school as a result.

Currently the assessment tools used to screen for autism are male-centric. We want to see tools in place that reflect multiple presentations and needs so that no child’s need goes unrecognised or unsupported. We are currently pilot-validating the Internal Presentation of Autism Checklist that sits within our white paper Autism, Girls and Keeping it All Inside, so expect that to change soon. Our survey had 1123 responses in a week, so there are many people who feel strongly about having screening tools which feel representative. Our vision is for a system that enables autistic girls to thrive, to feel understood and to achieve the best educational outcomes.

Our aim is to raise awareness of autism in girls and others who present in an internal way with health, social care and educational professionals and to bring change. Not only to the way that autistic girls are assessed and subsequently supported but to the narrative, with updated and positive terminology used to describe autistic traits.

Our private Facebook group supports both autistic girls and women and their extended families, but there are many more who need our help. We are now a registered charity, fundraising to enable us to both fund projects which offer face to face support and campaign for real change.

Resources and information for

Our white paper on an internal presentation of autism and why it’s often missed.

A must read for both parents and education, health and social care professionals. We have a free version to download or you can purchase a print edition.

Autism, girls and keeping it all inside

Featured books

Fun & authentic apparel & accessories for autistic people and their allies

For t-shirts, hoodies, bags and more – visit our fundraising store.



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