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Join our fundraising challenge this Autism Acceptance Week
27th March – 2nd April 2023

Neurodiversity encompasses all human brains, and lots of those brains are just brimming with creativity! Whatever your neurotype, we’d love you to get involved to show how being creative can bring joy and comfort to the creator as well as everyone who experiences it.

Despite the myth that all autistic people love maths, many of us are delightfully creative. Whatever we love, be it music, art, dancing, baking, junk modelling or even building Mandalorian armour, being creative can soothe us and bring immense satisfaction. We run creative activities in our face-to-face groups and we’d love to raise funds to help us open more groups and bring this creative outlet to more autistic people.

Everyone can get involved – individuals, classes at school, dance groups, martial arts groups, workplaces – there’s no limit!

So, how do you get started?

Step One

Step Two

Step Three


Don’t forget to share your fundraising ideas with us on our social media channels