Dear Business,

Thank you for considering us as your potential corporate partner for charitable support. We believe that working together for the benefit of both parties can create a meaningful and impactful partnership. Here are some reasons why choosing us as your charity partner can be a mutually beneficial opportunity:

  1. Shared Values: We are a charity that aligns with your business values and goals. This alignment can enhance your brand reputation and demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility, which can positively impact your customers, employees, and stakeholders.
  2. Meaningful Impact: By partnering with us, your business can contribute to creating a positive change in the community or cause we serve. Your support can help us fulfill our mission and make a real difference in the lives of those in need, while also creating a positive social impact.
  3. Increased Brand Exposure: As your charity partner, we can provide visibility and recognition for your business through various promotional opportunities. This can include co-branding, media exposure, social media mentions, and other marketing initiatives that can increase your brand’s reach and awareness.
  4. Employee Engagement: Partnering with us can boost employee morale and engagement by providing them with opportunities to volunteer, fundraise, or participate in charitable activities. This can help create a positive work culture and foster a sense of pride among your employees, leading to increased job satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Tax Benefits: Your business may also be eligible for tax benefits when you support a registered charity. This can provide financial advantages while making a positive impact in the community.
  6. Customised Partnerships: We understand that each business is unique, and we can work with you to tailor a partnership that meets your specific needs and goals. We can collaborate to develop customised programmes and initiatives that align with your business objectives, values, and resources.

By choosing us as your corporate partner, you can join hands with us in making a meaningful difference in the community or cause we serve, while also benefiting your business through increased brand exposure, employee engagement, and potential tax benefits. We would be honoured to discuss further how we can collaborate for mutual benefit.

Thank you for considering us as your charity partner. We look forward to exploring this opportunity further.


Autistic Girls Network

Corporate Options

Charity of the Year

Selecting a charity of the year is a way for a company to focus its charitable efforts and provide ongoing support to a specific cause. By choosing Autistic Girls Network as the company’s charity of the year, it sends a clear message to employees, customers, and the community that the company is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Having a designated charity of the year allows the company and its employees to plan and execute fundraising activities and events throughout the year. This can create a sense of purpose and engagement among employees as they work towards a common goal of raising funds for the chosen charity. It can also foster team building, boost morale, and increase employee satisfaction as they contribute to a meaningful cause.

Additionally, selecting a charity of the year can provide an opportunity for the company to build a long-term partnership with the chosen charity. This allows for a deeper connection and understanding of the charity’s mission, programs, and impact. It can also lead to increased visibility and exposure for the charity, as the company may promote its partnership through various channels, such as social media, press releases, and events.

Furthermore, tracking and measuring the funds raised throughout the year can help the company and the charity see the tangible impact of their efforts. This can be motivating and provide a sense of accomplishment for all involved. It also allows for transparency and accountability in demonstrating the company’s commitment to the chosen cause.


Fundraising events can not only raise money for a good cause but also promote team building and foster a sense of camaraderie among participants. The creativity and competitive spirit involved in organising and participating in fundraising events can bring team members together, create memorable experiences, and make a positive impact in the community.

Here are some ideas for fundraising events that can double up as team building exercises:

  1. Charity Walk or Run: Organise a charity walk or run where team members can participate and raise funds through sponsorships. This can be a great way to promote fitness and healthy competition among team members while raising money for a good cause. You can create teams within your organisation, and have friendly competitions to see which team raises the most money or completes the walk/run in the fastest time.
  2. Bake Sale or Breakfast Baps: Host a bake sale or sell breakfast baps to colleagues, friends, or in your community, and donate the proceeds to Autistic Girls Network. You can encourage team members to get creative with their baking skills and work together to organise and execute the event.
  3. Team Challenges: Organise team challenges such as tug-of-war, obstacle courses, or scavenger hunts, and charge an entry fee with proceeds going to Autistic Girls Network. These challenges can be a fun way to encourage teamwork, collaboration, and friendly competition while raising funds for a good cause.
  4. Talent Show or Karaoke Night: Organise a talent show or karaoke night where team members can showcase their talents and entertain others. Charge an entry fee for participants and audience members, and donate the proceeds to Autistic Girls Network. This can be a great way to bring out the hidden talents of your team members and create a fun and memorable event.
  5. Volunteer Work: Plan a day of volunteering as a team. Choose a cause or organisation that aligns with your team’s values and spend a day volunteering together. It can be a rewarding experience that not only raises awareness about a cause but also fosters team bonding through shared experiences and making a positive impact in the community.

Remember, when organising a fundraising event, it’s essential to be transparent about the cause and how the funds will be used. It’s also important to follow any legal or organisational guidelines related to fundraising and ensure that participation is voluntary. With proper planning and coordination, a fundraising event can be a powerful team building exercise that brings team members together, promotes a sense of purpose, and helps make a positive difference in the world.

Matched Funding

Employee fundraising can be a powerful way for companies to engage their employees, support charitable causes, and demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility. Matching employee donations is a fantastic way to amplify the impact of employee fundraising efforts, and it can have several benefits for both the employees and the company.

  1. Motivates employees: Matching donations can incentivise employees to participate in fundraising initiatives, as they know their efforts will be doubled by the company. This can boost employee morale and motivation, encouraging them to actively engage in fundraising activities and go the extra mile to raise more funds for the chosen cause.
  2. Shows support and appreciation: Matching donations sends a strong message to employees that their company values their charitable efforts and is willing to support them in making a difference. It fosters a positive work culture where employees feel appreciated and supported, leading to increased loyalty and engagement.
  3. Enhances company reputation: Companies that support employee fundraising through matching donations can enhance their reputation as socially responsible organisations. This can improve the company’s image among employees, customers, and the broader community, and help attract and retain top talent.
  4. Raises company profile: Matching donations can generate positive publicity for the company, especially if the fundraising efforts are promoted through various channels, such as social media, press releases, or company newsletters. This can raise the company’s profile and create goodwill in the community, potentially leading to increased brand visibility and customer loyalty.
  5. Supports charitable causes: Matching donations is an effective way for companies to contribute to charitable causes and make a positive impact in the community. It allows companies to align their values with those of their employees and support causes that are meaningful to them, creating a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

In summary, matching employee donations for fundraising efforts is a win-win strategy for companies. It motivates employees, enhances company reputation, raises company profile, and supports charitable causes, all while fostering a positive work culture and demonstrating corporate social responsibility.


If you’re interested in setting up a fundraising page through JustGiving for your organisation or employees, you can visit the JustGiving website and follow their instructions on how to create a personalised fundraising page. This can be a great way to engage your organisation and employees in fundraising efforts for Autistic Girls Network. You can share the fundraising page with your network and collect donations online.

Alternatively, if you wish to make a regular monthly donation to Autistic Girls Network, you can inquire with us directly or visit our donation page to find information on how to set up recurring donations.


Offering volunteer days for staff can be a very positive practice. It provides employees with opportunities to give back to their communities, contribute to meaningful causes, and develop new skills.

Allowing corporate volunteers to attend events, socialise, prepare food, donate equipment, or teach skills can have several benefits. It can create a positive impact on the people or organisations being supported, while also promoting team-building and camaraderie among employees. Additionally, engaging in volunteer work can improve staff retention by increasing employee satisfaction, loyalty, and morale.

When implementing volunteer programmes, it’s important to consider factors such as employee interest, availability, and alignment with the organisation’s values and goals. It’s also essential to ensure that volunteering activities are well-organised, safe, and conducted in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Communication and coordination with partnering organisations or events can be key to a successful volunteer program.

Overall, incorporating volunteer days or other opportunities for corporate volunteering can be a valuable initiative for organisations to support their employees and communities, while also promoting positive organisational culture and employee retention.

At Autistic Girls Network we currently work remotely other than at our Face to Face groups, so volunteering would also be remote – currently we offer fundraising, grant fund searching, grant bid writing, social media content writing, graphic and video design – the latter two are always heavily in demand!

Something New

Raising money is only part of the story: Your time, expertise and willingness to introduce us to other helpful partners are just as important to us. Any partnership, big or small, is valuable to us.

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In return we can offer

  • A named contact within our Charity

  • First dibs on corporate training or webinars

  • Promotion of your involvement with Autistic Girls Network
  • Sharing how your donations have supported us

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