Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy


Autistic Girls Network (AGN)’s commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is the bedrock of our organizational ethos. Our goal is to foster an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging, treating each individual with dignity and respect. We acknowledge and celebrate the diverse facets of each person’s identity, whatever their neurotype.

This policy outlines our legal responsibilities concerning equality/equity, diversity, and inclusion, aligning with our dedicated strategy in this regard.

This policy applies to all colleagues, volunteers, Trustees, and service users in AGN. It is the responsibility of everyone associated with AGN to adhere to this policy.

Our pledge is to provide equal opportunities to all involved with AGN and to actively prevent discrimination based on various protected characteristics.

Protected Characteristics:
We commit to not unlawfully discriminate because of the Equality Act 2010 protected characteristics of:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race (including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

We commit to oppose and avoid all forms of unlawful discrimination. This includes in:

  • Pay and benefits
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Dealing with grievances and discipline
  • Dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Leave for parents
  • Requests for flexible working
  • Selection for employment, promotion, training or other developmental opportunities

At AGN, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Positive action is encouraged, aiming to remove barriers for underrepresented groups.

Reporting and Investigation:
Any breaches of this policy are taken seriously, and appropriate action is taken. Reporting routes are provided, and investigations are conducted impartially and thoroughly. In the first instance please report to CEO Cathy Wassell cathy@autisticgirlsnetwork.org

Roles and Responsibilities:
As AGN grows different teams within AGN will have distinct roles in upholding and promoting this policy. Currently the CEO and Trustees are responsible.

In summary, AGN is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that goes beyond legal obligations, embracing diversity and promoting equal opportunities for all. Any breaches are addressed promptly, with a commitment to fairness and justice throughout the process.

Approval and Review

Approval by Date Next Review Date
Trustee Board January 2024 January 2025