Online Support

We offer various ways to get online support – with the proviso that we are a tiny charity and do not have the capacity nor the funding of our big cousins!

Website resources

Starting on here, we provide different resource pathways depending on your situation. Check out the Knowledge Base tab, and choose which best applies to you from the dropdown box.

We also have free downloads available under the Downloads tab: school, home ed and hospital passports, our booklet of Reasonable Adjustments Possible in School, and our White Paper on an internal profile of autism common in girls, Autism, Girls and Keeping it All Inside.

Plus if you’re looking for some books to recommend featuring autistic characters or written by autistic authors, look no further than the Books tab!

Our YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel is where you’ll find recordings of the many webinars we have run, with topics ranging from anxiety to eating disorders to assistance dogs! Plus you may find interviews with your favourite neurodivergent authors.

Our Facebook group

Our Facebook group is a fast-growing neuro-affirmative support group. It’s a closed Facebook group which means anything you post will only be visible to members, not in the Facebook feeds of your connections unless they are also members.

It’s important for us to be clear that the Facebook group is a support group but that it’s not a parent support group. This means you can ask questions about supporting yourself if you’re autistic or your autistic child, but not questions about difficulties in being a parent. It’s also not the place for posting negative things about autistic people, and posts are moderated.

Membership of this group grows at around 1000 per month, and the majority of our members are neurodivergent parents of neurodivergent children, but you do not have to be neurodivergent, or a parent, to join. In fact only around 18% of members are neurotypical.

If you’d like to join our group, please make sure to agree to the rules and answer all the joining questions to be allowed in. It’s almost guaranteed that the topic you’d like to ask about has been covered before, so save time by doing a keyword search in the group to get a wide variety of answers.


I just want to thank you for such a great group. I’ve found everyone to be so kind and helpful, a place I can ask for help without judgement and with complete understanding. Thank you.


What a wonderfully supportive group this is. It’s saving my sanity.


I love this non-judgemental, insightful and inspirational platform which encourages and informs and shares knowledge with parents/carers and professionals, whatever their neurotype. I am both and always appreciate that you can never know enough, and feel supported in this group.


Reading AGN’s white paper and the posts in their Facebook group are what made me realise that I too am autistic as well as my daughter, and I can see from the group that I am very much not alone in that!


I have learned nearly everything I know about autism in girls from Autistic Girls Network over the past two years. It has been a lifeline for us and helped us make some of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our newly diagnosed teen daughter such as online schooling. I don’t know what I’d have done without it.


AGN group is an online lifeline on a human scale for my two autistic teens and our whole family. Don’t know what we would have done without it.


I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the incredible content you share. My daughter is autistic, and your posts have been incredibly useful and inspiring for us. I appreciate all the effort and dedication you put into supporting autistic girls and their families.


As an autistic woman, I find the group good at being balanced and supportive for autistic parents. That’s not something you can say about many groups.