We’d love to introduce a school EPQ project from an autistic young woman, Aimee Lloyd who writes about the experiences of her sister, friends and other autistic girls as well as herself at school. AGN did not take part in this research and is not affiliated with it but it’s great to be seeing the subject talked about in secondary school.


I am a Y13 student, hoping to study psychology at university next year and then go on to be a clinical psychologist. I have had anxiety since primary school and had a lot of a support from an amazing psychologist who then helped me to get my autism diagnosis. I’d like to help girls like that in the future too. As part of my A levels, we were asked to write an EPQ, a project on any subject. I wanted my subject to be something to do with autism and girls. At the time, my sister was not able to attend school and just found out that her anxiety was linked with autism too. I decided to write a project looking into girls with autism and how mainstream schools are not well adapted for them. I had lots of help from families in this group so wanted to share my finished project here.