Testimonials for Speakers

This has been enlightening, inspiring and informative. I didn’t think last year’s Virtual Autism Conference could be topped, but this has been (at the least) equally as brilliant.

Simply wonderful, emotive, inspiring and for a non autistic person, a deep learning experience that will change the way I work. Huge thanks to all involved and all the speakers. :)

This was a fantastic event that I hope will be shared far and wide. My child is autistic and this is the first time I’ve really felt I’ve understood what it’s like being autistic. All the speakers were amazingly honest about their experiences which will help so many people. Thank you so much to all involved in making this happen – I hope all SEN staff, teachers, doctors, nurses and anyone who has a friend or relative that is autistic gets to see it.

I am so inspired by being able to attend this conference.  It has opened my mind and way of thinking as a neurotypical person in a way that maybe would not have occurred if I had not attended this conference.

Fabulous and informative conference with amazing speakers