A Positive Transition to Secondary School for All Autistic Pupils (including those not yet recognised)

3 hours in total with school staff – flexible on how the hours are delivered.


Transition to secondary school is a difficult time for all pupils but especially autistic ones, recognised as such or not. Building on our CEO Cathy’s Masters research looking at pupils who already had a diagnosis at transition and those who were later diagnosed at secondary, we look at exactly what the issues are around transition for autistic pupils and how it can be made easier and more successful. It is recommended that this training is undertaken in conjunction with the Autism, Girls and Keeping it All Inside training so that staff are better able to recognise pupils who don’t yet have a diagnosis.

This training will help to

  • Understand the difficulties of secondary transition for autistic and other neurodivergent pupils

  • Understand how to assess individual need

  • Understand how to build a bespoke transition plan for a successful transition

  • Identify what being autistic means to the young person

  • Understand sensory issues for autistic pupils

  • Understand that the transition process is much more than the switch to another school

We include:

  • Teacher notes

  • Pupil worksheets

  • A Q & A session and email support for a month following the training

PRICE: £400 (no VAT)

Please contact us for more details.