Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Corporate training

Training is usually virtual but can be arranged in a bespoke way to meet your needs

Topics which can be covered:

  • How to support neurodivergent employees and create a safe space to disclose neurodivergence.
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Strengths of neurodivergent employees and why they are an essential part of a balanced workforce.
  • Myth-busting
  • Why and how you can utilise hyperfocus and passionate interests.
  • A brief look at female neurodivergence and why it has been missed.
  • The mental health consequences of masking neurodivergence.
  • Intersectionality and social justice.
  • Autistic communication
  • Executive Function
  • Autistic masking
  • Neurodivergent employee wellbeing
  • Recognising burnout
  • What You Can Change
  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • 10 tips for neuro inclusive job descriptions
  • Office design
  • The benefits of working from home for neurodivergent employees
  • Meetings
  • Online meetings
  • SMART goals need SMART instructions
  • Company Culture

Please contact us for more details.