Our Trustees

Vicki May, Chair

I’m a parent of 2 teens, and our youngest was diagnosed aged 13 having flown under the radar throughout school. My involvement with AGN began at the group’s inception back at the start of 2018. I’m astonished that so many autistic girls are missed or misdiagnosed, and angry at the devastation which occurs when a lack of understanding of autistic of presentation goes unchallenged. I’ve also realised my own neurodivergence. In real life, I work in data/systems at a University.

Emily Katy

I am an autistic woman with ADHD and OCD. I am a blogger, author and advocate, and work with neurodivergent children and young people. I was diagnosed with autism when I was 16 after struggling with my mental health, so I am very passionate about fighting for autistic people to be recognised. I would like to see a world where all autistic people are supported and accepted.

Clare McDonald, Secretary

I’m Clare McDonald, web designer and mother of a teenage autistic girl. Having seen my daughter’s experience of two different secondary schools I am certain that it is possible to make school a safe and comfortable environment for all, giving all students the same opportunities while supporting a wide range of different needs and abilities.

Jim McDonald

My name is Jim McDonald and I feel privileged to work with the Autistic Girls Network. I am a Head of School at Key Stage 2 so I have experienced the way that girls struggle in mainstream education. I live and work in South London and am a ND father of two neurodivergent teenagers.

Warda Farah

I’m Warda a neurodivergent Social Entrepreneur, Speech and Language Therapist and author. I set up my company Language Waves to address the barriers that “minority” families face when accessing SLT services. My approach subverts from the traditional medical model of Speech & Language Therapy by centering language as a multimodal emancipatory tool that resists standard language ideologies imposed on minorities. Whilst wearing many hats ultimately my work aims to centre Black Joy.

Claire Farmer

I’m a late-diagnosed autistic woman so fully aligned with the ethos of AGN. With 20+ years as a leader, director and coach, and now in the field of neuroinclusion, I help organisations and individuals embrace and leverage their unique strengths and differences. I am the founder and CEO of NeuroDIVE Limited, a company that provides bespoke services to enhance productivity, engagement, and inclusion in various settings. I believe that by knowing and understanding the people we work with, we can empower ourselves and improve our outcomes.

Elliot Wassell, Treasurer

I am an autistic researcher currently studying for a Masters degree in Autism at University of Birmingham. My academic interests include autistic joy, connections with nature and environmental activism, autistic spirituality, participatory research methods, Posthumanist theory, rapidly becoming the whole world. I am spouse, parent and companion animal in a 100% neurodivergent household and a trustee of neurodivergent led charity Autistic Girls Network. I am so into autistic joy that I actually get autistic joy from studying autistic joy. Mean people make me work as an accountant when I could be doing things like this. I am presenting on Autistic Joy at Autscape in 2024.

Ayo Sokale

I am an autistic TV presenter, Chartered Civil Engineer, Tech founder, Coach, Qualified Project Manager, RSA Fellow and now AGN trustee! At the Environment Agency, I am the Major Project and Programme Delivery Business Manager.
I am a BBC Broadcaster, most prominently as the co-presenter on CBeebies’ Get Set Galactic. I have also presented for BBC Reel and BBC Bitesize as well as documentaries for the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Yesterday TV and Channel 5.
I am an Executive Coach and the Founder and CEO of a Tech Start-up developing an application that promises to take the coaching, personal development and well being space by storm.

Laura Riach

I am an autistic parent of autistic daughters, and Head of Fundraising and Communications at a large cancer charity. I have 20 years of experience managing high performing fundraising and marketing teams. I have personal experience of many of the systemic issues those in our Facebook group are grappling with, and strong motivation to create the change AGN is seeking.